Nov 01 2017
Doors - 06:15 PM
Show - 07:30 PM


with Sarah Reeves, Young Oceans

Lancaster Performing Arts Center - 750 W Lancaster Blvd, - Lancaster, CA


Tickets ON SALE NOW!

Balcony: $24

Orchestra: $29


Plumb, aka Tiffany Arbuckle Lee, first emerged as a singer in the late 90’s and immediately won critical acclaim for her influential lyrics and haunting vocals. In her book, Need You Now - A Story of Hope, Plumb shares some of her feelings on songwriting: “I tend to write from extremes, be it my own experiences or from experiences of people that I love or met for a moment. Some of my songs have an aspect of darkness to them , and they talk about the heartache that we encounter in this life. I try to craft some of my songs into little pieces of light that reflect the goodness and joy I’ve experienced … both types of songs are pictures of hope set to music.”


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